I’m an average woman with an average mommy blog who lives in Hawaii. I doubt anyone will ever read this. I don’t make ‘twee treats’, and have never had an Instagram account. Up until Christmas 2013, I had a cheap digital camera that took mostly blurry photos and shut off if I tried to take a picture of anything purple.

I don’t get into the whole “cool kid” persona, and my kids don’t sport sponsored hipster clothing or wrap up in chevron blankets from Etsy. My husband buys my clothes because I hate to shop. Our 10 year old daughter has more fashion sense than me.

My husband and I are not going to  “rock this parenting gig” ….(yes, I heard that phrase at a play group once). At the age of 40, we welcomed our fourth child into the world in 2013. We weren’t planning on having any more children, so the news was a huge wonderful surprise.. Even though we have done this before, raising a toddler in our 40’s brings new and interesting challenges, mostly because we’re tired.

Our baby’s name is Evangeline Jade, and is a constant source of  joy and happiness for all of us. She is an absolute gift from God, and some days I still can’t wrap my head around our good fortune to have been blessed with another wonderful baby. The entire family is enjoying this new addition. The kid’s adore her-she is a lucky baby to have such loving siblings. We’re blessed.

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In addition to the baby we have a boy genius in high-school. We just throw food at him, and he grows and gets good grades. He hopes to go to Notre Dame. Our oldest daughter (14) has a rare form of dwarfism. She’s stronger than anyone I know. The 10 yr. old is budding musician. She plays electric guitar and surfs, and is getting pretty good at both. Both girls are home-schooled.

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I refer to myself as a Mother- not a Mamma, and my children are “the kids”. I don’t call them the Munchkins, Littles, Minis, Twiddles, Kidlets or anything flashy.

I’m a boring old mother and I like it that way. 😉

Still here? Cool.


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