Spring Flowers



One of Lenore’s favorite things about living out here in the country is that she can get dirty on a regular basis. I don’t think I can count how many flowers, trees, pineapples, and weeds she has planted throughout the property. Some of it thrives (usually the weeds), and some dies off.

I don’t really think she cares about the end result. She really just likes to mess around with potting soil, clay pots and seeds. Her Easter baskets usually has a few packets of flower seeds among the chocolate eggs, and they are usually planted within that week.

Evangeline seems to take after Big Sister with the gardening…


The spent several hours in the yard together raking little pots of dirt with whatever seeds they found on the land. It was fun to watch Evangeline follow Lenore around. She was very interested in the process.

But I think the water was everyone’s favorite part of the planting:

Once there was plenty of mud to stomp in, it was time to start the process all over again. I’m not sure if anything will grow in these pot. Actually, I’m pretty sure nothing will grow. But the girls love it, and I love watching it them be little girls together.

It’s what they are supposed to do. 😉


One thought on “Spring Flowers

  1. I’m glad they are outside planting something. Maybe they will be like one of our family and just love to plant flowers, and do yard work in the summer. (What fun). Give them kisses from us. Nana and Papa

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