Green Eyed Cutie

Green eyes like no one in the family. Sure, Jon has a hazel green...but nothing like this.
Green eyes like no one in the family. Sure, Jon has a hazel green…but nothing like this.

In four short weeks, our beautiful little Evangeline will turn 3. Three!!! We cannot believe how fast time is going.

Every time we turn around, another facet of the personality shines through. This one likes to be the funniest person in the room at all times. She has a quick temper, but is easily the happiest child we have ever had. Everything is a song, a smile, a belly-laugh and it’s infectious. Her siblings adore her, and sometimes fight over who gets to play, cuddle, or read to her. She is loved and she knows it.

Her hair is longer than it appears because it curls up in back, and she is so tall we have to put her in 4t clothing for the length. Unfortunately people think she is older than she really is, so sometimes that leads to complications….But that’s not such a bad thing.

More than anything (with perhaps the exception of Hobbes) she loves the swings and random kids at the park: adults..not so much! But we’re working on it.

Posted below are some pictures taken yesterday. Enjoy! We always do.

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