They Call Me Onyx

I need to gain my weight back to my normal 78-80 lbs.
One of the little girls who takes care of me is Lenore. She takes me on my walks, feeds me and gives me my antibiotic pills. I need to gain my weight back to my normal 78-80 lbs.

They call me, Onyx. I’m a hunting dog. I use my nose like a Bloodhound.

I was picked up a month ago. I was hungry, dirty, tired, scared, and full of fleas. Some of my fur was missing from malnutrition. I weighed only 68 lbs, and was nothing but skin and bones. I am almost three years old.

The humans at the shelter said I have something called a ‘Heart-Worm’, and I have to take pills and get a round of shots to make it go away. I don’t mind.

Lots of things happened to me in the shelter. I got poked with needles with medicine. I got a bath–more than once. I had a surgery and micro-chip installed, too. It was exhausting and took a long time to make me well.

I saw lots of people with kids come and go at the shelter. All of them were nice. They would pet me, rub my belly (I always let them), and then move onto another dog. I wanted to go with them, but no one would take me along.

But yesterday was Saturday, and something changed…..

One of the little girls who takes care of me is named Raven.
One of the little girls who takes care of me is named Raven.

I was loaded into a van with other dogs and taken to a Petco. It was a long ride. It was ‘Adoption Day’.

Lots of people came into the store. They pet me, and I wagged my tail. I showed them what a good boy I am, and how friendly I am. No one would take home.

Then, a family with three small girls came in.  They were there to buy bunny hay, but the girls ran over to me. The big girls pet me and I rolled over to let them pet my belly. The little girl laid down on my back and gave me a big hug. I didn’t mind. Then she laughed as I licked her little hands and knees.

I thought I was going home with them, but they left after they paid for the hay. I was sad to see them go…..

The tiny girl who plays with me is Evangeline.
The tiny girl who plays with me is Evangeline.

But the family came back after a couple of hours! The girls came running into the store and came right up to me. The adults talked to my shelter care-giver about my needs.

Then before I knew what was happening, I was sitting in the back of their car and heading to my new home! I was a good boy for the ride, and an even better boy for my first night with them. I slept with the adults, and let them know when I had to go out. I like to snuggle and share the blankets.

I still have to gain all my weight back (at least 10 lbs.), and take my heart antibiotic pills. This family is going to foster me for 2 weeks to see if we both like each other. After the two weeks, provided I like them, I will get to stay.

So far, I think its’ working out for all of us.

Below, you can see a picture of me when I first got to the shelter. I was so skinny and sad! I have come a long way, but still have a way to go before I am considered ‘completely healthy’. I like my new home. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “They Call Me Onyx

    1. Hi Mary! As with everything, Raven helped. 😉 So far so good. He has had two great nights. The kids just adore him, and Jon seems comfortable with this big guy.

    1. Well, he is getting healthier and gaining weight every day. I think he will be unrecognizable from the first shelter picture in a few months.

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