Friday Night Lights:Band-Mom Style

Last night Alex’s school celebrated their Homecoming. It was your typical high school celebration with a King and Queen, Court, and lots of face paint, glitter, and selfies. Actually….maybe our school isn’t so typical: the Queen is also the starting kicker for the football team. It was the first time I have ever seen the Homecoming Queen in a football uniform with a tiara. She rocked it.

Very cool.

Go Alex!
Go Alex!

Another very cool component to the game was that Alex got to be the ‘Drum Major’ for a good portion of the festivities. He had to share the role with the senior DM, and the other senior band members who wanted to play their last homecoming…but he got some time too. Currently, the senior is training Alex to take on the responsibilities for next year. 😉

I don’t want to think about next year though…last night was perfect.



One thought on “Friday Night Lights:Band-Mom Style

  1. Hey Alex, spotted you right away in the picture before I even read what it was about. Good for you that you got to lead the band. Hopefully next year you can do it all the time, if you wish. Love you loads. +++++++

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