She’s Growing Up


Raven is growing up so fast. This year (sophomore year) she has met a fun group of kids through her Performance Art class. And she loves everything about it!

So you can see she dyed her hair a deep purple….Raven did this herself and she loves her new hair too.

We’re thrilled to say our little bird is having a great time this school year. She has friends, a phone, hang-out time, and it’s really all she has ever wanted. We love watching her flitter around the house, chatting non-stop about something one of her friends said, or retell a funny thing that happened during class.

In less than a moth, she is going to bed 15 yrs. old, so Jon and I have given her a little more independence.  She is allowed to take the bus once in a while (we know the bus staff, and they watch Raven like a hawk), and she is allowed to babysit Evangeline a little more.

Get out of the camera shot, Evangeline!
Get out of the camera shot, Evangeline!

They all have to grow up sometime, and Raven is no different.

She is growing into such a responsible, intelligent, beautiful young lady. Her father and I couldn’t be more proud.


2 thoughts on “She’s Growing Up

  1. Hello my beautiful angel. Glad things are going so well for you. Glad you are having so much fun. You deserve it all. Miss you so much. Love you, Nana

    Not sure I like the hair color. Your hair is such a pretty color, but I’m glad you like it. Just like me, coloring my hair and cutting it. Now it is REALLY short, but I love it.

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