Hobbes Is Still #1

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I remember the first time we had introduced Hobbes to Evangeline. This project had taken me many months, as all of the stripes are hand stitched. I really didn’t think I would finish by Christmas (and I was right).

But about a week or so after the holidays, I managed to get the last button eye sewn in place and we were able to have this moment above.

Obviously things have changed, Evangeline is older but her love for Hobbes is as strong as ever.

This guy has been through every bedtime, nap, sickness,  car ride and adventure she dreams up. Hobbes is her “Go To” guy.

He’s looking a little worn, and I did have to replace a button eye once. But other than that, he is holding up wonderfully. Below are some pictures of the adorable duo, and a couple of shots of Evangeline with my phone. Enjoy.

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