School DAZE

So we started school again. Last week was the first official week, and it was brutal. Alex is back to the grind, only this year he is an upperclassman. He’s making the grades, involved in cross-country and doing great.

Raven started her sophomore year. She really is taking off this year, completing her assignments days before they are due. I hope she can keep up this momentum. In addition to her school work, she is enrolled in Performance Arts through the school. It meets twice a week and she loves the other kids. Really, it’s nice to have her around other teens.

In addition to school, she’s still hanging out with the bunnies.

Raven and Boe have some quiet time.
Raven and Boe have some quiet time.

Lenore has jumped right back into school (Grade 5), and swimming. Before we moved to the new house, Lenore was training to join a competitive swim team. She was pretty good. However, the first year in the house was a huge adjustment with school and guitar-so swimming was put on hold.

Until now…

Lenore is hanging out at the pool-side, waiting for her coach to arrive.
Lenore is hanging out at the pool-side, waiting for her coach to arrive.

It’s been a year since she has had a decent swim practice (surfing and playing in the ocean don’t count). Last week she started up in competitive swim training again with a coach, and it’s fair to say she was a bit rusty. She managed to hold her own for the class, but she was exhausted at the end.

However, this week Lenore has seemed to bounce back to her old self. She will improve as the weeks go by. I can’t wait to watch her improve.

Evangeline is growing, and learning new words every day. One of her favorite things to do is go with Lenore to the pool. She doesn’t swim (no classes for her at this time), but she does enjoy the strawberry slushie and soft pretzels.


AND Lenore has managed to memorize all the tab for the solo from “The Beast And The Harlot”. She still has to work on rhythm, timing, and speed, but she’s doing remarkably well for the short amount of time she has been working on it. In time, her teacher will help her with the technique, so this will only get better.

Here’s a sneak preview of what she has accomplished so far. * Sh knows that last part has to be played twice…she only did it once.

I should be able to update more now that I have more computer time.

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “School DAZE

    1. She has to remember to do that last part 2x, and then work on timing and technique with the help of Tommy. Hopefully in a few months she will be fast/good enough to make an audition tape for a sponsorship. That’s the plan, anyway. Lots of work to do, still.

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