Friday Recap

Outdoor jam session.
Outdoor jam session.

It has been an eventful week. We lost a good dog, but gained two wonderful pet rabbits. Raven is so happy with Frost, and it’s been a while since we have seen her this happy. Frost is really a gorgeous little bunny.

Sasquatch has taken to the family, cats, and his leash with ease. He does eat quite a bit of food, but he’s huge…so that’s a given. He’s VERY friendly and gentle.

Lenore got to attend a jam session in the park this week, and she has most of the solo from “Beast And The Harlot” memorized, and is picking up proper technique quickly.

Alex has eaten 2 dozen eggs over the course of a week, and is complaining that he’s hungry.

Evangeline is working on potty training……it’s a work in progress.

This weekend will be dedicated to the yard, and bunny dwellings.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Friday Recap

  1. Comments from Raelyn: Lenore, why will your bunny get so big and fat?. Raven: Why is your bunny going to stay so small?. From Nana: Alex, I’m glad to hear you are eating a lot. You need a lot of energy. You will get so tall. I’m really going to be short when I get to see you. Love, Nana

    1. Hi Raelyn! This is Auntie Denise. Lenore’s bunny is going to big and fat because his daddy is HUGE. He’s a special breed of giant rabbit. They’re supposed to be big. Raven’s rabbit is tiny because her mommy and daddy are very small. They are a special kind of Dwarf bunny.

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