It’s That Time Again…..

Easy, gorgeous flower bracelet!
Easy, gorgeous flower bracelet!
Pikake Bloom!
Pikake Bloom!

Among the many flowering trees/shrubs on our property, there are 3 Pikake bushes. Pikake flowers are some of the most fragrant, sweet little blooms I have ever experienced. You can smell the bushes from our bedroom, and it’s heavenly.

Lenore occasionally makes her own leis with the Plumeria trees for Church, but these little white blossoms are her favorite. They’re small….so you need lots of them to make a lei…

Full sized flower in Evangeline's hand.
Full sized flower in Evangeline’s hand.
Tiny clusters!
Tiny clusters!

…… Lenore settled for a bracelet this morning.

Just take some fishing line and a large threading needle, and string the blooms in place! Here’s a string of blooms that filled our kitchen with their extraordinary this morning:

These smell great!
These smell great!

Once Lenore finished her bracelet, she was kind enough to let me photograph the finished product. This bracelet lasts for about a day, but you carry that sweet smell with you. She’s wearing hers now. 😉

Perfect for church, or any time you want to have a fragrant little flower chain on our arm.
Perfect for church, or any time you want to have a fragrant little flower chain on our arm.

Our Plumeria trees are coming back in full bloom too!

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…..

  1. Wonder if I could get a bush like that for here. I’ll try. Lenore liked the bracelet. Wonder if you took some of the flowers and put them in a little water for a few days. Would it make something nice smelling to put on after a bath? Maybe try it. Love, Nana

  2. You should look into it! They smell sweet like lilac/jasmine, and it’s pretty potent. Lenore makes them into leis with the plumeria flowers for special occasions/church. Sometimes she make just headbands out of the the tiny blooms before they open. (their scent is strong as tight blooms too.) She wears them all day.

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