Month: June 2015

Bunny Love!




Frost is settling in nicely with the girls. Will post cute pics of Sasquatch later.

Have a great weekend.


Building The Bunny House

Daddy and Lenore working together.
Frost is waiting patiently for her new bunny-run.

The bunny run and hutches are coming along nicely. Jon and Lenore have been working together. The run will be complete this week, and then the hutches need to begin.

It shouldn’t be long now.

Happy Monday Grind

Back to work.
Back to work.
Checking her notes from her teacher.
Every day….she’s getting better.

Happy Monday!

It’s back to the grind of the week for us. We had a fantastic weekend, and really didn’t want it to end. But here’s Monday, all the same. While I work on the yard (and clean that mirror in back of Lenore), and our bunny dwellings, the kids have their own affairs to attend.

Alex has two major assignments to complete over the summer for his upcoming AP school schedule, and he has to clean his room. I hate that they assign summer homework, but it is what it is. Raven has to help me with the baby as go through the chores. Lenore has to put in a solid hour and a half of guitar practice, and then help with her room.

Yeah…it’s a boring post today but that’s Monday for you.

Happy Monday!

Happy Fathers Day

This is the frame for the bunny-run. It’s pretty big. The hutches will be on either side.
This was where I kept my lumber stash for the chicken coop. I had been saving pallets-lumber for almost a year now. Glad we could use it.

As I type this, Jon is enjoying some alone time on the beach park to work out. While he is out, the kids are busily preparing the breakfast. Fresh lychee , french toast and sausage are part of the affair.

After breakfast, Jon is going to spend Father’s Day doing what he does best: be an awesome father. Today, he is going to work on the bunny dwellings for his daughters.

The bunny run frame is assembled, and now the hutches need to be constructed. It’s going to be nice.


Happy Fathers Day!

Friday Recap

Outdoor jam session.
Outdoor jam session.

It has been an eventful week. We lost a good dog, but gained two wonderful pet rabbits. Raven is so happy with Frost, and it’s been a while since we have seen her this happy. Frost is really a gorgeous little bunny.

Sasquatch has taken to the family, cats, and his leash with ease. He does eat quite a bit of food, but he’s huge…so that’s a given. He’s VERY friendly and gentle.

Lenore got to attend a jam session in the park this week, and she has most of the solo from “Beast And The Harlot” memorized, and is picking up proper technique quickly.

Alex has eaten 2 dozen eggs over the course of a week, and is complaining that he’s hungry.

Evangeline is working on potty training……it’s a work in progress.

This weekend will be dedicated to the yard, and bunny dwellings.

Happy Friday!

The Bunnies Are Here

Raven and Frost
Raven and Frost

Yesterday I posted a little photo of one of the new bunny babies. We we have 2 babies, and they couldn’t be more different.

Raven chose a Dwarf Hotot. This is has always been my favorite breed, and I have had several Hotots over the years. They are small, friendly, curious, and beautiful. They are known for their big black eyes, with eye-bands. I have always thought the eyes were strictly brown. I was wrong.

Frost up close!
Frost up close!

This is Frost. I have never seen blue eyes before. They’re gorgeous! Now….it was explained to me that this was a flaw that sometimes happens, and not desirable among Hotot owners. Indeed, she was the only one of her siblings with the blue eyes.

She's beautiful to us.
She’s beautiful to us.


We think her eyes are beautiful, and don’t care if this is a genetic flaw.

Lenore chose a completely different route. She said “Go BIG, or go home”.  So she went big. Lenore chose a young male Flemish Giant. I think her logic is that since she can no longer have a dog, she wants a rabbit as big as a dog . Well this rabbit will grow to be bigger than the dog she had.

Not quit 3 months old, and he can wear the dog harness.
Not quit 3 months old, and he can wear the dog harness.
They took a nap together yesterday.
They took a nap together yesterday.
Sasquatch took to his harness quite well.
Sasquatch took to his harness quite well.
These bunnies grow to be huge, but they are very gentle and sweet.
These bunnies grow to be huge, but they are very gentle and sweet.

This is Sasquatch the baby Flemish Giant. Yes…Sasquatch is just a baby. He’s not quite 3 months old, and already wears the dog harness. We got to meet his father, who is a whopping 23.5 lbs, and quite friendlyWhat’s really funny to me is that he and Frost are the same age.

Flemish Giants are extremely gentle and sweet. They’re excellent with children, and are basically just a big lap-rabbit. They make excellent therapy animals. These rabbits are pretty good with other animals too..

Hello friend!
Hello friend!

We have two yard-cats, and they sniffed each other briefly. No issues beyond that. They both expressed a friendly curiosity about each other.

So right now husband is working on the hutch and bunny run for both. He has a nice set of plans to work from, and we’re using the wood I had saved for the chicken coop. (We are no longer getting chickens.) They have temporary housing in the girls room until complete. It wont’ take long because it can’t. I have always been allergic to rabbits. I know how that sounds……but we love rabbits anyway.

I’m ending this post with some parting shots of how big Flemish Giants can get. One photo is a picture of a Flemish Giant next to a Dwarf Hotot so you can see the contrast. These were floating around on the internet in various Top Ten lists:

Happy Wednesday!

New Additons!

One of the two new additions to the clan!
One of the two new additions to the clan! Blue-eyed Dwarf Hotot.

This is just a preview of one our new little guys. We have 2 new rabbits, and Jon is building a hutch, play area. Unfortunately, we no longer have Boots. It’s a long story…she’s alive and well, but just not with us.

The girls each chose a different breed of rabbit and purchased with the money they collected from cans. I’ll get into that tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy the picture of our little girl. Her name is Frost, and she’s 3 months old.