Month: May 2015

Best Birthday Ever

Getting set up early in the evening.
Getting set up early in the evening.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was probably   definitely the best birthday I have ever had in my adult life.  My husband surprised me with a GORGEOUS bouquet of roses. We went to a lovely breakfast together while the kids watched the baby, and then I opened some presents with the kids later that afternoon. Somehow Jon managed to make a checkered cake with 3 colors. It was amazing.

Woah! How did he do that?
Woah! How did he do that?

After the family festivities, it was time to get ready to go. Lenore had the wonderful opportunity to play for a gathering of friends. We bought snacks, wine, and got ready for an exciting night of music. Pictures may take a short time to upload for the slide shows, as there are quite a few of them.

We arrived early with the other musicians for set-up and sound check. Lenore took the time to practice her set and have a little snack while the rest of musicians (she was the only kid) set up the stage. At 7: 30, Lenore got to play first to a full house. I apologize for the quality of the video below: my camera would not record, so my son was quick to whip out his phone and catch the action. Thanks son!

Lenore managed to play through, even though her hair got caught in her strings (just a little). I warned her that she should tie her hair back, but she had just died her ends lavender, and we couldn’t hide that, now could we? Everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway. I know our family loved it.

Playing for the crowd.
Playing for the crowd.

After Lenore was finished, we enjoyed watching the others. It was an unforgettable evening with some of the most incredible musicians and friends. Friends, family, cake, wine, good food and live music…….I really don’t need anything else. I took some additional pictures of the evening but nothing’s labeled. It’s just a collection of shots of the evening. Enjoy.




Well Lenore has been flourishing with her guitar these days. She had a successful Open Mic last night, and has been invited to perform with some pretty accomplished musicians this coming weekend.

In addition to performances, she has created a Vine account. What is Vine? From what I can see, it’s YouTube, but the videos are only 6 seconds long. I’m not sure I get it, but that’s because I’m old.

Her account name is Shredding 10, and as of now, she has 5 videos posted. Five very short videos……ok.

Check it out if you have some time, and happy Friday!


Lacrosse Champs!
Lacrosse Champs!

We’re in the thick of HSA testing this week, and things are a little hectic. However I do have time to post this awesome photo taken this past weekend. My son Alex (bottom right corner), traveled with his LAX team to the Big Island for the “Hawaii Founders Cup” tournament.

It was two days of LAX games, food, swimming, food, and more LAX games. In the end, The Sharks came in first place as the “Founder Cup Champs, 2015”.

Way to go Sharks! We’re so proud of you guys.

The last game of the season is this weekend, but something tells me it won’t compare to the final game last Sunday. Look at those faces!

Guest Blogger Day

Lenore is blogging today. She has her own blog, and a much more interesting story to tell this week. I’m swamped with housework and home improvement projects that have been lingering since January.

So here’s her link.

Happy Wednesday!