Kaka’ako Street Art

Yep...Too cool to care. HA!
Yep…Too cool to care. HA!

Last Friday, I took Lenore to Kaka’ako to enjoy the street art. Kaka’ako is the cool industrial/residential area downtown. They have this wonderful night market the third Saturday of every month where food vendors, bands and craftsmen come together for a night of fun. It’s crowded, loud, and awesome. Lenore loves it.

So after her HSA prep. class, we headed over to get some cool photographs for her personal blog and for the family comic project. The comic is coming along nicely, and here are some photos we hope to use. Of course we won’t use all of them. But we found a fun way to incorporate this amazing place into the story. Below are some of the comic shots.

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I couldn’t stop snapping pictures, so here are some of the untouched shots from the visit. It really is a an amazing place. Happy Monday!

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