Our Comic Adventure Is Finally Happening

Sneak peek of our comic project!
Sneak peek of our comic project!

The girls and I are working on a comic adventure. It’s actually a story idea we had years ago, but it was too difficult for the girls, (and myself) to use the Photoshop techniques to give each photo that comic look. And since I can’t draw worth a damn, (like at all)….we were rather stuck.

But today I was just poking around, and found this great site: http://kusocartoon.com/photo-to-cartoon.php

It’s so much fun! And no…this is not some paid endorsement/sponsored post. My blog isn’t important enough to have a sponsored anything. I promise. But anyway, it’s so much fun!

Sweet Evangeline is comic cute!
Sweet Evangeline is comic cute!
Cartoon Raven!
Cartoon Raven!

So basically, the story is about a 10 yr. old girl who you call if you want your nightmare boogie-man to go away. She has the power to enter a kid’s dream and fight off their personal bad-guy, and she has all kinds of trinkets and charms that only work magic in the dream world. Usually she deals with teen-age dreams because if you’re still having nightmares by the time you’re a teen, this means it’s not just the run-of-the-mill imagination, and you need her help. During the day, our hero is just a normal kid who is trying to fit in with peer pressure, school, surfing, and guitar lessons. She’s kind of a loner, and has only a few close friends her age who she trusts.

We’re not sure how the baby works into the story, but Raven helps with the necessary charms/weapons needed to fight off the Boogie-Men. Alex helps too, because his Boogie Man was the first she (Lenore our hero) had to fight he brings her clients from high school.

So the girl fights off the monsters in other kid’s dreams, but she has trouble with her own dream monster, who will pop up every now and then. Every hero has a weakness, no? So we’ll see how this goes. In the meantime, here is a small sample of the photos from our first edition. I think I definitely need to play around with Lenore’s eye color, though. The final picture will look better. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I forgot to mention…because the girl has to fight off nightmares, she has to become a nightmare herself. So the girls and I decided to do all dream sequences like this.

Lenore in 'Nightmare Mode', ready to fight off the boogie men.
Lenore in ‘Nightmare Mode’, ready to fight off the Boogie Men, and the stuff nightmares are made of.

This will take a couple of weeks to put together, but we’re having fun. I’ll share once we have something to show. Oh, and have fun with the link! We are. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our Comic Adventure Is Finally Happening

  1. Looks like fun. Can’t wait to see what happens.

    (Hey, what ever happened to the poor man that lived by the ocean side, and was in love with the girl who didn’t know him).

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