Our “Day Off”

Today is Prince Kuhio Day on the island, so that means my son was home today. He spent the day tying up the family computer, playing some online game with his classmates. Ugh…

Raven is enrolled in an online charter school, and they too observe the holiday. She has spent the day catching up on her favorite shows on Netflix. Since I’m Lenore’s teacher, the poor kid had school. But it wasn’t so bad. She took some practice tests for the upcoming HSA, and they were pretty easy, so no worries there. She actually likes the testing. Crazy kid.

I don’t have a lot to blog about today. Lenore is working on the new drills from her teacher, and also working on some songs for the upcoming Open Mic. He has her trying her hand at Iron Maiden, and some other classics. In addition to her homework drills, she is working on another song of her own. She doesn’t have much, yet. I included a clip of one of her homework assignments and the start of her new song. They’re just a short glimpse into her progress, and she started them yesterday. Actual complete songs will be played next week for the Open Mic performance.

Evangeline has been in full “2 yr. old” mode all day. It’s good and not-so-good. The dentist trip was a disaster. I had to hold her in my lap as they looked at her baby teeth, and she screamed the entire time. Of course.

Happy Prince Kuhio Day!


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