It’s Totally A YouTube Monday

We’re back to school this week, and it’s going about as well as one would expect after a long holiday. I’m including an update of Lenore’s progress with a new song. She is working on “Wind Cries Mary”, by Jimmy Hendrix. This is a difficult song for her, but not as difficult as others she has played. So, she’ll get it eventually with the lyrics. And yes…the shot is blurry because Evangeline rubbed her sticky little hands all over the lens. I realized this after practice, but I didn’t have the heart to make Lenore practice again for the clips. (I did manage to clean the lens, though)…It’s totally a Monday.

I’m including some clips of her drill practice for those who want to see her progress:

We have a full week of school work, another guitar lesson for shredding-stuff, and all three girls have a dentist appointment on the other side of the island .

**I forgot to mention that Lenore is working very hard on 2 new songsto play for Open Mic. They are by one of her favorite bands, “Cage The Elephant”. We hope to have these by the next few months so she has something fresh for Open Mic night. Enjoy! She really wants to try her hand with a slide, so the first song will do nicely. The other one is just cool.


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