Hello Baby Bird!

Hello Baby!
Hello Baby!

This little one as found hopping around our yard. He could fly enough to get off the ground, but seemed to be taking his time about getting to a safer perch. Normally, we wouldn’t interfere with a baby bird. However, we have two young cats on the property who love to play with other animals. I doubt they would intentionally kill the poor thing if they caught him, but they would definitely injure this little bird while they “play”. It’ brutal.

The girls watched the little bird for about 30 minutes, and all was going well until one of our cats sleuthed into the yard. The flutter of those baby wings was very tempting to our cat-monster, and we knew we had to step in or this little one would die a long painful death. Much to the disappointment of our four-legged yard dragon, my husband scooped the little bird onto his finger before anyone got mauled.

Luckily this little one could fly pretty well. He just needed to get to higher ground (and out of our yard) to ready himself. Before he put the little bird on a safe mango branch, my husband introduced him to Evangeline. She was very calm, as she talked to the tiny bird. For his part, the bird seemed comfortable on my husbands finger. The babies had a ‘staring contest’ as Evangeline giggled.

What the heck?
What the heck?

The whole encounter lasted a matter of seconds, and then our little guy was safe on a higher tree. We watched as he flew from different trees as he made his way down the street. He was staying high on the branches, so I think he’ll be ok.


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