Blustery Day Fun

Yesterday was not a nice day for weather out here. Blustery, damp and overcast was the norm throughout the island. But we had some time to kill before Lenore’s guitar lesson. So we hit the beach!

Lenore and Evi On beach

It was nice for the girls to get some time together before the day got crazy. Evangeline is really into the ocean these days. She shouts “OCEAN!”, every time she sees water.

It was very windy. Lenore had to constantly hold onto her hat, and the baby’s hair blew on end. Beach 1

There were some people on the beach, but not many. Evangeline loved going to the water’s edge and then running back up on the sand before the water touched her shoes. Lenore just wanted to surf.

"WHY didn't we bring my board?"
“WHY didn’t we bring my board?”

I think they held hands the whole time. The sand was really compact, so it wasn’t difficult for Evangeline to walk. I think Lenore just wanted to hold her sister’s hand.

The girls had about 30 minutes on the beach together before Lenore headed to her guitar lesson. Once she was with her teacher, it was back to the beach for Evangeline. We spent the whole time walking up and down the beach, looking at tiny shells, screaming “OCEAN”, and watching the kite surfers. There were only a couple of times when she tried to run out into an oncoming wave. It would have soaked her shoes. Normally I would have let her wade in the shallow water, but we had to head to town to pick up Raven once Lenore’s guitar lesson was over. I didn’t have a decent change of clothes for the baby.

Now that she has an interest in the water, swim lessons will follow. Of course I’m waiting for the weather to play nice, and we’ll definitely start her out at a pool. But we’ll have more time for the “OCEAN”, once school is out. I can’t wait.


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