Sister Sing Along

When Evangeline isn’t playing electric guitar with Lenore, she’s singing with Raven. Both of the older girls want to have a special ‘thing’ with the baby. Sometimes they’re competitive as to who gets to share something special with Evangeline (this includes our son Alex too). It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase, “Hey! That’s MY thing with the baby!“. It gets ridiculous and my husband and I have to keep it in check. The upside is that Evangeline has three older siblings who want to share a special bond with her. It’s awesome, but they  need to behave.

So! In these clips, Raven and Evangeline are singing “Dona Nobis Pacem”. It didn’t happen in one take. The first video is the finished attempt. The other two are the outtakes, and I included them because I love how patient Raven is in each video. Enjoy!

As you can see from the video above, that milk was her price to sit and sing. It was non-negotiable. In the second clip below, you can see we had trouble getting that milk cup out of her mouth.

And the last video isn’t even complete because we had a new distraction. Raven is so patient!

In the end, we have some cute footage either way.

*Lenore asked me include that “Dona Nobis Pacem” is special because that is the song she would sing to my belly while I was pregnant. It’s true..this is the song Lenore sang to an unborn Evangeline almost every night. We have a recording, and it’s precious. This baby is loved. 🙂


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