Well, we’re pretty sure she didn’t get chosen for the Talent Show. Technically there still may be some time for hope. The email said we would know by, “the end of the week” and it’s early Saturday morning as I type this.

But Lenore felt that if she didn’t hear by Friday, she most likely didn’t get in. Ah well..She’s disappointed, but not devastated. There will be other auditions, and she will only improve. She wondered out loud if she should have played ‘flashier’ songs with some shredding, or if she made the right call with “Blackbird” because of the finger-picking. Who knows?

I asked her what she wanted to do. I thought she would like some ice-cream, or something like that. She gave me a strange look, and then said, “I want to practice my guitar.” And that’s what she did, until I made her stop to go play outside with her friends. For the record, there was no ice cream, but they did make Smores over the fire.

So here’s a couple of clips of that practice. She was pretty focused. There will be more auditions in her future, and maybe she’ll get the next one. She won’t give up..this one is very driven.


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