The Audition Tape

Last week while at the Dr.’s office for the kid’s well-visits, we learned about a benefit concert audition for children. The age requirement range for the concert is elementary to high school. That’s quite a range. The doctor who shared the info. with us warned we had to get a tape in quickly, because the deadline was close.

So after the visit, we went home and made a short video. I had to dial her back a bit on the song selection. She wanted ‘edgy’, and while she can do ‘edgy’ quite well these days, we agreed that was not appropriate for this venue. So we went with “Blackbird” by The Beatles.

I noticed she played the song a little differently than the original, and when I asked her about it she said, “It just felt good.” For the record, she has no problem playing any version of this song. Rather than make her shoot another tape, I let it go. So here’s what we sent in. Wish her luck! She realizes this is a long shot, but at least she tried.


One thought on “The Audition Tape

  1. Lenore, you did such a wonderful job playing the song. Hope you make it for the concert. Papa, Uncle Gregg, and I all watched you last night. Was just great to hear you play. You have done such a good job since you have started. You keep getting better, and better. We all love you.

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