Monday Morning Smiles…And Our Favorite Things

Happy Monday everyone! We’re back to the daily grind today. No one is particularity happy about it with the exception of Evangeline. Every morning, she greets the day like it’s Christmas morning, as she runs down the hall full of smiles and giggles.

One of the reasons she greets the day with such zest is because she can’t wait to play with her little pink car. It’s truly one of her favorite things in the house.

That little car got me thinking about the kid’s favorite things these days. Their interests are changing as they grow older, and I thought it would be fun to list a few before they change again.

Evangeline’s car is a given. Just look at that smile when she’s on the thing. But if I had to list a few top favorite items, her blanket¬†(she calls it “D-D”), Hobbes, and the remote control puppy. Sure, there are other toys she loves, but these things seem to remain a constant as she grows.

Hobbes the Tiger, made from an "Instructables" pattern.
Hobbes the Tiger, made from an “Instructables” pattern.

Lenore is easy. Of course her guitar tops her list, but she also loves her puppy “Boots”, Jack Skellington, Danny Phantom, and the “MasterChef Jr.” show. We think the Danny Phantom thing is a little crush, and that’s the kind of crush I can accept. After all, Danny is a cartoon so we’re good.

Basic barre chords.
Basic barre chords.

If I had to pick Raven’s favorite thing these days, it would easily be her American Girl Doll. She was never really into the whole doll thing when she was younger. But when the catalog came out, Raven instantly took an interest in “Grace”, the new GOTY. She bought Grace with her own money. We were hesitant to let her spend that much money on what we believed was a phase brought on by that stupid catalog.

Grace is sporting a hat sewn by Raven.
Grace is sporting a hat sewn by Raven.

But she really loves that doll. She likes making doll clothes, and photographing the doll in different designs. Which brings me to her other favorite thing. That would be the camera. The kid loves the camera. If she didn’t have school, she would click pictures all day.


Raven the Photographer
Raven the Photographer

Alex used to have favorite toys, and such. But he lovingly packed away his favorites long ago. Now that he’s 15, his favorite thing is the refrigerator. I’m not going to post a picture of the appliance. The kid eats everything. I mean EVERYTHING. We don’t see that slowing down anytime soon, so yeah…Alex’s favorite thing is the fridge.



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