Rough Week….

Last week was a very rough week. I was tentatively holding on to my health and we had to be everywhere at once. You know when you can just tell you’re getting sick, but you do everything within your power to fight it (and eventually lose)? Well, I lost my battle this past Saturday. I was able to fend it off the majority of the week, but Saturday just leveled me.

Sunday was bad, and Monday was a nightmare. Luckily husband stepped in to help out.

Today I’m recovering. The fever broke some time last night and now I’m just weak. The baby could knock me over if she wanted to. Although it was a rough week, some cool things did happen: We learned that Raven’s photography is going to grace the cover of her school magazine, and Lenore got some play time with cool teens for Open Mic.

I can’t post the actual magazine cover because it lists her school and other students, but I can show you some of the photography that was featured. And on the bottom are some shots of Lenore and the ‘cool teens’. I’m not kidding about the cool factor of these teens….they are AMAZING GOOD, and L was lucky to play with them.

Here’s hoping we’re all healthy this week.

"Wonderful Webs"
“Wonderful Webs”
"Tangled" by Raven
“Tangled” by Raven




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