Month: February 2015


Well, we’re pretty sure she didn’t get chosen for the Talent Show. Technically there still may be some time for hope. The email said we would know by, “the end of the week” and it’s early Saturday morning as I type this.

But Lenore felt that if she didn’t hear by Friday, she most likely didn’t get in. Ah well..She’s disappointed, but not devastated. There will be other auditions, and she will only improve. She wondered out loud if she should have played ‘flashier’ songs with some shredding, or if she made the right call with “Blackbird” because of the finger-picking. Who knows?

I asked her what she wanted to do. I thought she would like some ice-cream, or something like that. She gave me a strange look, and then said, “I want to practice my guitar.” And that’s what she did, until I made her stop to go play outside with her friends. For the record, there was no ice cream, but they did make Smores over the fire.

So here’s a couple of clips of that practice. She was pretty focused. There will be more auditions in her future, and maybe she’ll get the next one. She won’t give up..this one is very driven.


Pig Tails And Trains


Evangeline’s hair has always been sort of a hot mess. It has not been coming in evenly…currently the top is longer than the sides, and the back is some sort of cork-screw, frizzy  curl. It never gets long…just curly. So I was delighted that by the age of 2, we can finally do something with it.

It’s finally long enough for two small pig-tails! They still curl, but we managed to smooth them with our fingers. By the end of the day, they’re tight again….but it’s something! Yay!



Yesterday I was working in the yard, and Evangeline was in such a good mood she let me take some pictures for a couple of minutes. Sitting still for pictures is her least favorite thing to do, so I kept it short. She never really looked at the camera, but I didn’t push my luck.

I just can’t believe how fast she transitioned from baby to toddler. Sometimes we can still see the baby, but it’s starting to fade.

We’re working on colors, shapes, patterns and counting. I think she’s right on target with this stuff (for those who don’t know, she turned 2 last week): she can identify and match all 8 primary colors, simple patterns are easy enough, she can count to 10…but she doesn’t understand the concept just yet.

One of her favorite new pastimes is the wooden train set.  A couple of weeks ago, she still asked for help to build the track. Yesterday was the first time she sat quietly and fit the track pieces together all by herself.  That’s new.

I just can’t believe how fast this is going. My husband and I love having a toddler in the house. I can’t wait to see what she learns next week.

Happy Friday!

Evangeline LOVES That Guitar

It used to be Lenore’s guitar and has had several years of love and play….now it has new little hands to strum it. Evangeline has always loved this guitar. When she’s older, we’ll clean it up and add some new strings. I’m glad we didn’t get rid of it.

This is just some ‘sister practice’….Enjoy.

The Audition Tape

Last week while at the Dr.’s office for the kid’s well-visits, we learned about a benefit concert audition for children. The age requirement range for the concert is elementary to high school. That’s quite a range. The doctor who shared the info. with us warned we had to get a tape in quickly, because the deadline was close.

So after the visit, we went home and made a short video. I had to dial her back a bit on the song selection. She wanted ‘edgy’, and while she can do ‘edgy’ quite well these days, we agreed that was not appropriate for this venue. So we went with “Blackbird” by The Beatles.

I noticed she played the song a little differently than the original, and when I asked her about it she said, “It just felt good.” For the record, she has no problem playing any version of this song. Rather than make her shoot another tape, I let it go. So here’s what we sent in. Wish her luck! She realizes this is a long shot, but at least she tried.

Monday Morning Smiles…And Our Favorite Things

Happy Monday everyone! We’re back to the daily grind today. No one is particularity happy about it with the exception of Evangeline. Every morning, she greets the day like it’s Christmas morning, as she runs down the hall full of smiles and giggles.

One of the reasons she greets the day with such zest is because she can’t wait to play with her little pink car. It’s truly one of her favorite things in the house.

That little car got me thinking about the kid’s favorite things these days. Their interests are changing as they grow older, and I thought it would be fun to list a few before they change again.

Evangeline’s car is a given. Just look at that smile when she’s on the thing. But if I had to list a few top favorite items, her blanket (she calls it “D-D”), Hobbes, and the remote control puppy. Sure, there are other toys she loves, but these things seem to remain a constant as she grows.

Hobbes the Tiger, made from an "Instructables" pattern.
Hobbes the Tiger, made from an “Instructables” pattern.

Lenore is easy. Of course her guitar tops her list, but she also loves her puppy “Boots”, Jack Skellington, Danny Phantom, and the “MasterChef Jr.” show. We think the Danny Phantom thing is a little crush, and that’s the kind of crush I can accept. After all, Danny is a cartoon so we’re good.

Basic barre chords.
Basic barre chords.

If I had to pick Raven’s favorite thing these days, it would easily be her American Girl Doll. She was never really into the whole doll thing when she was younger. But when the catalog came out, Raven instantly took an interest in “Grace”, the new GOTY. She bought Grace with her own money. We were hesitant to let her spend that much money on what we believed was a phase brought on by that stupid catalog.

Grace is sporting a hat sewn by Raven.
Grace is sporting a hat sewn by Raven.

But she really loves that doll. She likes making doll clothes, and photographing the doll in different designs. Which brings me to her other favorite thing. That would be the camera. The kid loves the camera. If she didn’t have school, she would click pictures all day.


Raven the Photographer
Raven the Photographer

Alex used to have favorite toys, and such. But he lovingly packed away his favorites long ago. Now that he’s 15, his favorite thing is the refrigerator. I’m not going to post a picture of the appliance. The kid eats everything. I mean EVERYTHING. We don’t see that slowing down anytime soon, so yeah…Alex’s favorite thing is the fridge.


In A Blink Of An Eye, She’s Two.

Evangeline had her second birthday this past week on the 18th. She really didn’t understand that it was her special day. We did scatter balloons throughout the house, and that kept her happy for hours. While the balloons were kicked and tossed around the rooms by chubby little feet, the girls and I made cake pops, and put the finishing touches on her tent.

We started the tent last week. Husband built a simple tent frame from wooden 2 x 4’s and dowels. Lenore, (always eager to help build anything with her dad) sanded and stained the wood herself. I think she did a great job.


Great job, Lenore!
Fantastic job, Miss Lenore!

While they worked on the frame, Alex and I went shopping for the fabric. Raven stayed with the baby. Originally, we wanted to do a surf-shack theme. I was going to sew little surf boards onto a garland, we were going to use blue water print fabric. It was all planned out.

But then, Alex found this adorable Aloha fabric, and we knew this was perfect.

Adorable hot pink and lime green Aloha fabric!
Adorable hot pink and lime green Aloha fabric!

We got the bright green solid fabric to make the ties, and I didn’t want to truly give up on the surf-board idea just yet so I got the yellow too. Unfortunately, once I put the detail on the boards, it was really busy with the pink fabric. It didn’t work. I still have the fabric, but I went with yellow ruffle polka dot instead.


This is before I had all of the ties sewn to the sides. You need the ties, to pull the fabric tight. The yellow ruffle is just for fun.
Aloha tent for our baby girl!  This is before I had all of the ties sewn to the sides. You need the ties, to pull the fabric tight. The yellow ruffle is just for fun. She loves it!

When everyone was home in the evening, we had a little family party for our girl. She clapped when we sang Happy Birthday, and loved her cake pops. She REALLY got into opening the presents this time. This past Christmas, there wasn’t much of an interest in the whole present thing. Something clicked in the past 8 weeks, because now she’s all for it.

And like that, the day was over. She didn’t want to go to bed and have the day come to an end. Neither did we, but she has been playing in that tent every day. I’m so glad the family got together to make her day special. Happy Birthday, baby girl! We’re looking forward to all the adventures ‘2’ will bring.

Happy Valentines Day

So this kind of sucks…I have a low-grade temp with chills on Valentines Day. I’m pretty sure it’s because I can’t seem to shake the congestion in my chest. Doctor visit for Monday is a guarantee.

These are some recent pictures of Evangeline, and a little pic of Boots….my Valentine companion for the night. Husband took all kids to town to watch a movie, so I can rest.

I’m a little bummed out about this, but this morning was lovely as the girls presented us with handmade cards. Lenore took it a step further and gave a Valentine to Boots (complete with doggie treat), and the outdoor cats. What a sweetie.

Everyone else is healthy, (thank God) and I hope you are too.

Happy Valentines day, everyone.