Already 23 Months!

I know it’s lots of pictures..but these are posted for family who cannot see her in person. In case you missed the title, Evangeline is now officially 23 months old. She continues to be a constant joy and bright light in our family. The kids adore her, and there are no words to express how much my husband and I love this baby.

At this age, the finger up the nose is comedic gold. She laughs with her entire body. The guitar is her favorite instrument (good..we have a couple of those lying around), and books and puzzles are her favorite pastime.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the hair…some is in her eyes, and the back is quite long and curly. The sides have not grown in yet. Her eyes continue to take on a silver shine, and I think that will be the permanent color. It’s such a contrast from the other kids. We have one child with brown eyes (the boy), hazel green (Raven), ice-blue (Lenore), and the silver belongs to the baby.

We are so blessed. Thanks for stopping by.


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