“Say It Ain’t So” Part 1, 2, and 3

A couple of nights ago, Lenore had a fantastic night at a local fundraiser/party. She played something from “Queen”, and “The Beatles”….But what she REALLY wanted to play was “Say It Ain’t So”, by Weezer. Unfortunately, she’s not quite ready to play this song on stage. (yet)

It’s clunky right now, but she will get there with practice. I’m posting a first attempt below. The song is broken into 3 parts. It’s important to note that she is playing the riffs, and usually there is another guitar playing along. Since she can’t play both parts at once, she chose the riffs, and you will notice when that happens.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the song, (from our just turned 10 yr. old.)


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