We’re Not Sure If We Like Ice Skating

Lenore celebrated her 10th birthday last weekend. Her family birthday was on Nov. 22, but we didn’t have a free weekend until last week. We had a party at the local (and only) ice rink on the island with three of her girlfriends. She loved every minute of it.

Ice Skating on the island! Whoot!
Ice Skating on the island! Whoot!

It was really hard to get a decent shot of this kid, because as soon as I had her in the shot, she would turn the other way. She couldn’t hear me…..so this is as good as it gets. I won’t show the other girls because I usually don’t put other people’s kids on the internet. It’s a common courtesy thing.

One kid who definitely was not sure about this ice activity was Evangeline.

Jon said she was smiling at one point, but I didn’t see it. After about an hour, she said loudly..”All Done!”, and we knew it was over. She did enjoy the hot chocolate and pizza, though. Only time will tell if she takes to ice-skating.


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