Month: December 2014

“Say It Ain’t So” Part 1, 2, and 3

A couple of nights ago, Lenore had a fantastic night at a local fundraiser/party. She played something from “Queen”, and “The Beatles”….But what she REALLY wanted to play was “Say It Ain’t So”, by Weezer. Unfortunately, she’s not quite ready to play this song on stage. (yet)

It’s clunky right now, but she will get there with practice. I’m posting a first attempt below. The song is broken into 3 parts. It’s important to note that she is playing the riffs, and usually there is another guitar playing along. Since she can’t play both parts at once, she chose the riffs, and you will notice when that happens.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the song, (from our just turned 10 yr. old.)


It Really Is A Wonderful Life. Merry Christmas.


I didn’t take pictures on Christmas Eve or morning because I was too busy enjoying the time with my family. It just didn’t seem like the right time to pull out the camera. Perhaps some day I will regret that, but it’s done.

However, I did take pictures of the night of the 23rd. The kids had a great time in City Hall and there was a fun little family dinner after the pictures. We went to the game as usual on the 24th, and then midnight mass.  I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families. Merry Christmas.


My Belle Evangeline @ 22 Months

Our beautiful little lady @ 22 months. Time is going so fast.
Our beautiful little lady @ 22 months. Time is going so fast.

So if you skipped the title, Evangeline is now 22 months. She has morphed into this chubby-angelic little ball of energy. Her favorite food of all time is applesauce…and I’m pretty sure it’s her favorite word too.


She’s happy most of the time, and is learning how to say “Merry Christmas”.


Daniel Tiger and flowers are a huge hit here too.

I dropped a flower!
I dropped a flower!
Hey mom! These things are GREAT!
Hey mom! These things are GREAT!

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on with her eyes. Most days they look silver/grey, but then when the sun is out they are a brilliant blue. Not ice-blue like Lenore’s eyes…they’re more like the ocean.

Silver/Grey eyes are usually her color.
Silver/Grey eyes are usually her color.
On sunny days, her eyes take on a vibrant blue shade.
On sunny days, her eyes take on a vibrant blue shade.

And of course Evangeline is constantly running everywhere. I don’t think this model came with a ‘walk mode’. Last night we took her to Target for some last-minute Christmas lights and I’m pretty sure she ran for 40 minutes straight.

We are working on potty training. She’s at a point where she actually asks to sit on her potty seat. Not sure if this is officially  time to start, but there seems to be a mild interest now.

As Christmas draws closer there is constantly a look of wonder on her face as we see the lights, decorations and paper everywhere we go. It’s pretty awesome. She’s awesome. We’re lucky to have her.

Below is a little gallery for family who can’t be with us.

Blacklight Run, 2014

We had the BEST time at the Blacklight Run this past Friday. I ran with two of my kiddos, Alex and Lenore. Raven did not attend, as she hates running, loud music, and crowds. She opted to hang with friends, and I understand. If you ever have the chance to do this run, we highly recommend it. Enjoy the gallery below. 🙂

We’re Not Sure If We Like Ice Skating

Lenore celebrated her 10th birthday last weekend. Her family birthday was on Nov. 22, but we didn’t have a free weekend until last week. We had a party at the local (and only) ice rink on the island with three of her girlfriends. She loved every minute of it.

Ice Skating on the island! Whoot!
Ice Skating on the island! Whoot!

It was really hard to get a decent shot of this kid, because as soon as I had her in the shot, she would turn the other way. She couldn’t hear me… this is as good as it gets. I won’t show the other girls because I usually don’t put other people’s kids on the internet. It’s a common courtesy thing.

One kid who definitely was not sure about this ice activity was Evangeline.

Jon said she was smiling at one point, but I didn’t see it. After about an hour, she said loudly..”All Done!”, and we knew it was over. She did enjoy the hot chocolate and pizza, though. Only time will tell if she takes to ice-skating.

The Stuffing Makers

I’m a little late to the game on this post. We has a fantastic Thanksgiving in the new house. The afternoon before the big day, Raven and Evangeline helped make the stuffing by ripping the loaves of bread…a time-honored tradition in my house that I was more than happy to pass along.

Lenore had zero interest in ripping bread, because her buddies were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. She said she “doesn’t do ripped bread’, and ran out to play. I’ll keep this post short and just add a gallery.

And here is just one of the other kid…NOT ripping bread.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did.