Our $20 Puppy Is Priceless

This is a true story…

So the day after Halloween, our Church had an “All Saints Celebration”. There was music, food, games….and a dance contest. Lenore participated in the dance contest.

Dance Contest 2014
Girl has got some moves!
Girl has got some moves!

And she won.

First place prize was $20, and some other nice things. She didn’t know there was a cash prize. We thought it would be a bag of candy. It didn’t matter to Lenore…she just loves dance contests.

We told Lenore to save her money. Her first impulse was to head to the toy store to buy LPS animals (Littlest Pet Shop), but she held back.

In the meantime, I have been searching for a puppy for her upcoming 10th birthday. It didn’t have to be a puppy, actually. We would have been happy with an older dog, but we had some criteria in place:

1) No Pit-bulls or anything with a guard/fight-dog mix. (That’s about 90% of the dogs on the island). I know Pits can make great companions, and I’m sure I’ll hear it from Pit owners about how their dog is a gentle baby. I believe you. Really, I’m sure your Pit is great, but I would never own a Pit out here unless it was a pure-breed with papers, where I could track the bloodline. A pure-blood would cost more than we have.

Unfortunately too many dogs out here are bred for aggression. They are used as “guard dogs” and fighting(Sick!). There are too many crossed lines and inbreeding on the island. I don’t trust it, which is unfortunate because I found a white little girl with blue eyes whom I would have loved to bring home. But there were no records of her lineage. Is that paranoid? Perhaps..but I’m set in my ways on this one.

2) Affordability. Bwa ha-ha!..Yeah! Good luck with that. Puppies cost a small fortune out here. I’m pretty sure that’s the norm all over the country, but it’s especially true out here. It doesn’t matter what combination of mutt…if you want a pup, you’re going to pay.

3) We wanted a medium-sized dog with some meat. No little terrier/chihuahua mixes for us. Those dogs are in abundance out here too. I’m sure they’re great dogs, but we need something that can stand up to Evangeline. Those little dogs look like a stiff wind (or a toddler) could snap them in half.

I had found a couple of dogs somewhat within those guidelines (they were still a couple hundred dollars), but unfortunately they were located on another island. Of course! So you can imagine my surprise when I found a random ad on Craigslist that advertised new female pups for $20 on our island.

Boots Listing
This has to be a typo…right?

It had to be a mistake, but I called anyway. The woman who posted the ad was lovely. Yes, she still had the two 6 wk. old female pups, yes the price was $20, and yes, she was willing to sell one to Lenore. We met 2 hrs. after that phone call. She brought both pups for Lenore to choose, and Lenore fell in love with the little one in the picture. She used the money she won from the Church dance contest to buy her puppy. This pup truly belongs to Lenore.

So that’s how we welcomed “Boots” into our home this past Monday. It’s Wednesday now and she is doing a wonderful job fitting in with our family. We love her.

Hi Boots!
Hi Boots!

She is by far the cuddliest dog I have ever met.

Raven and Boots became fast friends.
Raven and Boots have become fast friends.

Her fur is incredibly soft, which surprised me. From the Craigslist ad we thought it would be short and coarse. Not so. And we love her markings.

Pretty baby!
Pretty baby!

The kind woman who sold Boots indicated there is some Boxer, Hound and Terrier in her. I love those breeds! Boots should get to be about 25-30 lbs if she takes after her dad. That’s not too big and we don’t have to worry about Evangeline. I’m happy to report this pup loves Evangeline. The feeling is mutual.

And so I’ll end this post with a cute little gallery of Lenore’s perfect purchase. She worked for it, saved her money and it really paid off. Not bad for $20…and a little dancing.

Best friends.
Best friends.



One thought on “Our $20 Puppy Is Priceless

  1. Lenore,
    What a cute puppy you got. She has such nice markings, and looks like she will be a good dog for you, )and Raven). She does look like a boxer to me.
    Love you, miss you,

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