“Can We Keep Them?”…PLEASE!

Thing "1"
Thing “1”
Thing "2"
Thing “2”

No, actually. We can’t keep them, but that’s not going to stop the girls from asking  begging.  I don’t blame them, but I don’t want kittens either.

These little fur-balls are part of the ever-growing feral cat colony out here on the property. We are participating in “Catch/Neuter-Spay/Release” program. We’re still trying to catch Mama. She’s pretty smart and vicious. I hope we catch her soon…this is the second litter she has had since we have lived here. Those from the first litter are now grown and unfortunately there will be more.

There were originally four babies in this litter. We have caught two. One is still roaming around with Mama, and one is lost. We haven’t seen it with the others, and I’m afraid something got to the poor thing.

As for the two babies in the picture, (no names….we don’t want to get attached), they will go to the shelter. They will get their shots, spayed-neutered, and adopted out. The staff said they will have no problem finding homes for these two because they are still little.

In the meantime, here are some cute pictures of the latest cuties. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there will be more. A few nights ago, we saw another young litter playing in the street. This place is crawling with kittens.



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