Updates All Around

Lots of changes taking place out here. At 20 months, Evangeline has morphed from a blue-eyed baby who was basically a clone of her older sister, to this silver-grey eyed angel with her own look. She loves books, “Daniel Tiger”, Hobbes, and a stuffed green Oogie Boogie from “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Goodbye Blue Eyes!
She still looks like Big Sister, but is slowly getting her own look.
She still looks like Big Sister, but is slowly getting her own look.
Budding Film Director!
Budding Film Director!

Raven just celebrated her 14th birthday! Outside of school, she spends her time taking photos and making short movies. We just learned that her movie (she directed it) was accepted to the  2014 ‘Ōiwi Film Festival. Last year, her film made it to Hawaii International Film Festival. So at age 14 she has TWO festivals under her directors cap. Well done, little bird.

Shot taken by one of the surf-moms with their phone.
Shot taken by one of the surf-moms with their phone.

Lenore has been surfing with some of her new buddies, and loving it. We went out to the West Coast last week and one of the moms got this great shot with her phone. Lenore rode that sucker all the way in. She’s getting better and can stay on a board much longer these days.

Speaking of improvement, here is the latest clip from he guitar adventures. Recently we took Lenore in for some professional lessons. Up until now, she has been self-taught from YouTube videos. While we are happy with her progress, as some point she needs some one-on-one with an actual person.

The instructor gave her lots of things to work on, including the bones to two songs. This is just the basics of the songs and will get more complicated with each lesson. So here’s a clip of her recent progress from her first private lesson. It’s “Just What I Needed”, from The Cars. The other song is “She Talks To Angels”, by The Black Crows and you can find that on her YouTube channel.

Our son Alex has recently been inducted into the National Honor Society at school. We are so proud of him. He really doesn’t like his picture on the blog so we’ll just have to settle for the good news.

Well family, that’s everything up to date. Hope you enjoy the updates. On the bottom is a small gallery of pictures of Evangeline. She is changing so fast!


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