She Watches Every Move

Ok, first let me start off by saying that we do not make a habit out of painting our baby’s nails. I’m not into that. But Evangeline likes to imitate her sisters. My husband had just finished Raven’s nails. He’s really great at painting intricate details, and Raven had made a “Halloween” themed request.  The baby was watching their every move.

About ten minutes later, Evangeline crawled up into his lap with two bottles of nail polish. “Pretty!”, she screamed. She even ran to the table, and stuck her hands out. Clearly she wanted the same as her big sister.

“Me too!”

She was so patient, as her father delicately painted a couple of fingers with a little color. When all was done, she ran into her sister’s room shouting “Pretty!” all the way down the hall.

The polish is gone now, but this really illustrates how Evangeline watches and takes her lead from the girls. She tries to play guitar like Lenore, take pictures like Raven and wear necklaces and use silverware like both girls. Our baby is growing up.

I guess it had to happen eventually.


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