The New Guitar

Her first full-scale guitar!
Her first full-scale guitar!
It's a beauty!
It’s a beauty!
She has to get used to playing on a larger neck.
She has to get used to playing on a larger neck.
Duncan Lipstick Pick-Ups!
Duncan Lipstick Pick-Ups!

After five long months, Lenore has finally paid off her first full-scale guitar.  It’s a nice one! This is a Vintage Modified Surf Stratocaster. She has needed a full-scale guitar for some time now. She put in three long years on the 3/4 size Squire Mini. It was a great little guitar to learn on, and I doubt she will ever part with it for sentimental reasons. That’s fine.

But it was time to move on to a larger instrument. When we went to the music shop, this one caught her eye immediately. It just screams cool! I think she was drawn to the vintage look first, but the whammy bar really closed the deal. Lenore loves the whammy!

It sounds good too. It has a great gritty/Blues sound to it, and think that has something to do with the Duncan Lipstick Pickups. Honestly, I didn’t know what those were when the sales guy mentioned them. After some research, I learned they are pretty nice. Whatever they are, the guitar sounds great. Here are some very short clips below of the new sound. Hope you enjoy!



One thought on “The New Guitar

  1. Lenore,
    Boy is that a neat guitar. You sure picked out a good one. Beautiful.
    Your doing great playing. I love to listen to you play Black Bird; and that whammy bar sure sounds neat. It seems that you are not having too much trouble with that longer neck. It sounds great. Love to you, Nana (Miss you)

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