Finally! Back To School.

"Wonderful Webs" by Raven Mollison
“Wonderful Webs” by Raven
"Rake the Yard!" by Raven
“Rake the Yard!” by Raven
"Tangled" by Raven
“Tangled” by Raven

It’s finally that time again. All three kids are back in school. Alex and Raven have been going strong since the beginning of August. Hawaii schools start a month earlier than those on the mainland. Lenore got a late start this year. She started the same time as the mainland kids. We had some minor issues with her curriculum order, and we wanted to wait until we were in the new residence before placing the order. So she started her full day yesterday. It’s good to be back in the routine.

Raven has been doing quite well in her photography class. The photos above are from her latest assignment: lines, form and texture. Personally I think she did a decent job.

This long weekend is filled with errands, kid activities and cook-outs on the beach. Well…at least we’ll visit the beach anyway. There will be some remodeling on the kitchen, but we’re kind of in a holding pattern until the counter tops arrive. I’m growing weary of living without a kitchen sink. It’s like camping, but without any of the fun. But, it will be so nice to say the kitchen is “completely done” when that happens.  And really…we have only been here a little over a month so we’re making good progress.

Have a safe and fun-filled Labor Day everyone.


One thought on “Finally! Back To School.

  1. Raven,
    Great job with the photo’s. I like them. Don’t know which I like better. Can’t decide, I like all 3. (Keep up the good work). Maybe you can get a camera for Christmas. That would be really good. See you had a good time at camp. Miss you so much. Love you, Nana

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