Teenage Advice

So Raven…(pictured below) is in high school now and part of her curriculum includes a photography class. She really enjoys it and has now decided she needs a $400.00 camera for her new hobby. Well that’s not happening, but I do let her use my camera when she is around the house. I like her style, but again..NO to the camera request.

"I totally need a $400.00 camera!"
“I totally need a $400.00 camera!”

She must have taken at least 800 pictures of just the baby. There are hundreds of other things she clicks on, but Evangeline is by far her favorite subject matter. Yesterday their grandmother sent a box with some clothing, and one of the items was a cute eyelet shirt for baby girl. Raven threw the shirt on her and did an impromptu shoot with the baby and a tree. She likes all of the “artsy angles”  and close-ups. Since I usually just point and click, I let her run with it. This is what she got yesterday:

Anyway…it keeps her happy. Enjoy the shots. We always do. Thanks Raven!


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