Evangeline @ 18 Months

She's 18 months old now....and a beautiful handful.
She’s 18 months old now….and a beautiful handful.

Well she is completely healthy again and into everything in sight.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. It was bad. Ten days of rota-virus with this little darling was complete hell.

Symptoms included a high fever, abdominal pain, intense gastro-intestinal problems…and all she wanted was to cling to my neck and cry. Of course this was when we were remodeling the kitchen. Poor husband had to do most/all of the heavy lifting on his own. I really didn’t think things could get much worse….

But then I got it too.

Oh yeah… good times. At the lowest point, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was during the recent hurricane out here in Hawaii. I thought, “Great! This is how it ends for me–hugging the toilet, in the dark, while the hurricane blows in. That’s how they’ll find the body.” Luckily both storm and virus passed on (I was sick for 10 days). I lost 9 lbs. in the ordeal.

But now Evangeline is healthy, happy and active again! She too suffered some weight loss, as she had zero appetite. Her appetite is back with a vengeance and the baby chub as returned.

At 18 months, she has a command of many words which include but are not limited to: book, apple, cracker, eat, milk, water, sun, ball…the list goes on. We’re wondering if we should introduce a potty, because she now comes to tell us when she needs a diaper change. That has been going on for a few weeks now. Too soon? Not sure. We’ll look into it.

Evangeline is pretty good at sleeping through the night now. This has been a welcome change from the usual.

And now here she is, with all her active-toddler-energy in full form! God we love this baby.

No more sick baby! Yeah!
No more sick baby! Yeah
Baby Curls!
Baby Curls!
We love you baby girl!
We love you baby girl!


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