Month: August 2014

Finally! Back To School.

"Wonderful Webs" by Raven Mollison
“Wonderful Webs” by Raven
"Rake the Yard!" by Raven
“Rake the Yard!” by Raven
"Tangled" by Raven
“Tangled” by Raven

It’s finally that time again. All three kids are back in school. Alex and Raven have been going strong since the beginning of August. Hawaii schools start a month earlier than those on the mainland. Lenore got a late start this year. She started the same time as the mainland kids. We had some minor issues with her curriculum order, and we wanted to wait until we were in the new residence before placing the order. So she started her full day yesterday. It’s good to be back in the routine.

Raven has been doing quite well in her photography class. The photos above are from her latest assignment: lines, form and texture. Personally I think she did a decent job.

This long weekend is filled with errands, kid activities and cook-outs on the beach. Well…at least we’ll visit the beach anyway. There will be some remodeling on the kitchen, but we’re kind of in a holding pattern until the counter tops arrive. I’m growing weary of living without a kitchen sink. It’s like camping, but without any of the fun. But, it will be so nice to say the kitchen is “completely done” when that happens.  And really…we have only been here a little over a month so we’re making good progress.

Have a safe and fun-filled Labor Day everyone.


Teenage Advice

So Raven…(pictured below) is in high school now and part of her curriculum includes a photography class. She really enjoys it and has now decided she needs a $400.00 camera for her new hobby. Well that’s not happening, but I do let her use my camera when she is around the house. I like her style, but again..NO to the camera request.

"I totally need a $400.00 camera!"
“I totally need a $400.00 camera!”

She must have taken at least 800 pictures of just the baby. There are hundreds of other things she clicks on, but Evangeline is by far her favorite subject matter. Yesterday their grandmother sent a box with some clothing, and one of the items was a cute eyelet shirt for baby girl. Raven threw the shirt on her and did an impromptu shoot with the baby and a tree. She likes all of the “artsy angles”  and close-ups. Since I usually just point and click, I let her run with it. This is what she got yesterday:

Anyway…it keeps her happy. Enjoy the shots. We always do. Thanks Raven!

Evangeline @ 18 Months

She's 18 months old now....and a beautiful handful.
She’s 18 months old now….and a beautiful handful.

Well she is completely healthy again and into everything in sight.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. It was bad. Ten days of rota-virus with this little darling was complete hell.

Symptoms included a high fever, abdominal pain, intense gastro-intestinal problems…and all she wanted was to cling to my neck and cry. Of course this was when we were remodeling the kitchen. Poor husband had to do most/all of the heavy lifting on his own. I really didn’t think things could get much worse….

But then I got it too.

Oh yeah… good times. At the lowest point, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was during the recent hurricane out here in Hawaii. I thought, “Great! This is how it ends for me–hugging the toilet, in the dark, while the hurricane blows in. That’s how they’ll find the body.” Luckily both storm and virus passed on (I was sick for 10 days). I lost 9 lbs. in the ordeal.

But now Evangeline is healthy, happy and active again! She too suffered some weight loss, as she had zero appetite. Her appetite is back with a vengeance and the baby chub as returned.

At 18 months, she has a command of many words which include but are not limited to: book, apple, cracker, eat, milk, water, sun, ball…the list goes on. We’re wondering if we should introduce a potty, because she now comes to tell us when she needs a diaper change. That has been going on for a few weeks now. Too soon? Not sure. We’ll look into it.

Evangeline is pretty good at sleeping through the night now. This has been a welcome change from the usual.

And now here she is, with all her active-toddler-energy in full form! God we love this baby.

No more sick baby! Yeah!
No more sick baby! Yeah
Baby Curls!
Baby Curls!
We love you baby girl!
We love you baby girl!

Uncle Gregg Shout Out!

While we unpack and remodel the new home, Lenore is still plugging away on her guitar skills. She has been working on pentatonics lately, and this is for Uncle Gregg…who supports her. Thanks Uncle Gregg! We’ll have some footage of the processor soon.

And here is a clip of just the scales…this is part of her routine. This could be cleaner, and she knows it..but she will get better with practice.

The New House

Early morning picture of the house.
Early morning picture of the house.

We are in the process of setting up the new house. This is a bigger challenge than I would have guessed because Evangeline is sick. Everything takes twice as long with a sick, unhappy baby. My poor husband is left to the bulk of the work himself because the baby needs me.

However, Lenore is having the time of her life out here. There are so many lizards, kittens, dogs, sheep, baby chicks, and goats to meet. She really has taken to this ‘country life’.

We have several Plumeria Trees on the property….and here is Lenore with one of the smaller trees:

The look lovely in her hair, but they're not as cool as the Jackson Chameleons.
The look lovely in her hair, but they’re not as cool as the Jackson Chameleons.

We’ll try to update Evangeline news soon. Right now, she’s not happy which means NOBODY is happy.


We Have Moved!

Evangeline found lots of new boxes to crawl into while packing.
Evangeline found lots of new boxes to crawl into while packing.
Lenore helped keep Evangeline at by while Mom and Dad packed.
Raven partied with her friends at camp while we packed the house.
Raven partied with her friends at camp while we packed the house.
Alex also participated in Camp, but he was a counselor.
Alex also participated in Camp, but he was a counselor. Nice name tag, son!

It was a tremendous amount of work. We’re in the place now, but there is tons of work to do. It took a few days to empty out the odds and ends at the new place. We are officially out (thank God), but we’re not really settled in to the new place, and won’t be until the kitchen is finished. Lots of work in the future. But it’s worth it…we love the new house:

Check out the new view! Not bad. 😉