Raven’s Favorite Pastime

One of Raven’s favorite things to do is photograph Evangeline. She constantly asks me if she can borrow the camera to get some shots of the baby. It’s nice because as the children have come along, my husband and I have taken less pictures over the years. The first child, Alex, had a baby book, photos, a journal and so on. Raven has a baby book, and some photos. Poor Lenore has no baby book or journal…and hardly any pictures. It’s pretty safe to say at the rate we were going, Evangeline wouldn’t have anything to document her childhood. Sorry kid!

That’s where Raven has really stepped up. She has documented/photographed/filmed pretty much every milestone of development since the first week. We have hundreds of videos and even more pictures. Lately, she has been taking the camera to the beach, and trying to take pictures of a very busy Evangeline. Because it’s so difficult to photograph an active toddler who wants to do nothing else but walk the beach Raven tried to make it interesting with different angles.  She even managed to get a couple of shots of when the baby fell forward but caught herself on the sand.

So have fun scrolling through some of her shots. She loves doing it, and we’re very grateful she is so willing. Some day, Evangeline will be grateful too.

"Beach Baby" by Raven
“Beach Baby” by Raven
“Determined” by Raven
"Beach Baby" by Raven
“Dust Yourself Off” by Raven
“So Much To See” by Raven
"Beach Day" by Raven
“I’m Outta Here” by Raven
"Run Bird, Run!" by Raven
“Run Bird, Run!” by Raven
"Baby, Come Back Here!", by Raven
“Baby, Come Back Here!”, by Raven
"That's Cool!" by Raven
“I Want To Eat That” by Raven
“Please Keep Up” by Raven

2 thoughts on “Raven’s Favorite Pastime

  1. Raven, keep up the good work. You are doing just great with the camera. I know you are interested in it, and it shows. Love you, Nana

  2. Raven,
    Good job taking pictures of that cute little sister of yours. You’re doing a great job. How about trying a couple of selfies of you? Just a thought. Would like to see them. Love you, Nana

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