Month: June 2014

Evangeline @ 16 Months

Little Evangeline at 16 months.
Little Evangeline at 16 months.

The months are going by so fast! Every month is something new for her. These days, she loves the phone, apples, bananas, ducks, (well…all birds) and dogs/cats. We read to her all the time, and most days we can get through the book without her moving onto something else. Above all, she is crazy for her big sisters and brother. They are, by far, the her favorite people in her life. Luckily, the big kids are pretty crazy about her too.

Every month with this sweetie is just a hectic, beautiful adventure. We’re so lucky to have her.


Raven’s Favorite Pastime

One of Raven’s favorite things to do is photograph Evangeline. She constantly asks me if she can borrow the camera to get some shots of the baby. It’s nice because as the children have come along, my husband and I have taken less pictures over the years. The first child, Alex, had a baby book, photos, a journal and so on. Raven has a baby book, and some photos. Poor Lenore has no baby book or journal…and hardly any pictures. It’s pretty safe to say at the rate we were going, Evangeline wouldn’t have anything to document her childhood. Sorry kid!

That’s where Raven has really stepped up. She has documented/photographed/filmed pretty much every milestone of development since the first week. We have hundreds of videos and even more pictures. Lately, she has been taking the camera to the beach, and trying to take pictures of a very busy Evangeline. Because it’s so difficult to photograph an active toddler who wants to do nothing else but walk the beach Raven tried to make it interesting with different angles. ¬†She even managed to get a couple of shots of when the baby fell forward but caught herself on the sand.

So have fun scrolling through some of her shots. She loves doing it, and we’re very grateful she is so willing. Some day, Evangeline will be grateful too.

"Beach Baby" by Raven
“Beach Baby” by Raven
“Determined” by Raven
"Beach Baby" by Raven
“Dust Yourself Off” by Raven
“So Much To See” by Raven
"Beach Day" by Raven
“I’m Outta Here” by Raven
"Run Bird, Run!" by Raven
“Run Bird, Run!” by Raven
"Baby, Come Back Here!", by Raven
“Baby, Come Back Here!”, by Raven
"That's Cool!" by Raven
“I Want To Eat That” by Raven
“Please Keep Up” by Raven

Musical Progress Report

Lenore has been writing some of her own music these days. “Welcome Baby” is written for a musician friend of hers who recently had a baby girl. She wrote it especially for him. There is another “Lenore Original” called “Evangeline’s Temper”, but we’ll show that one another time.

The other video is pretty easy to recognize. She is going to play this one at Open Mic at the end of the month with some seasoned musicians. It will be a great learning opportunity, and Lenore is a little nervous. We recorded her now so we can track her progress.

Hope you like them!

“B” Is For Beach Love

The water was warm.
The water was warm.
Just hanging out and enjoying the day.
Just hanging out and enjoying the day.

The girls and I took Evangeline to the beach this past Sunday. I honestly don’t know why we’re not out there more often. We live minutes from the beach, and the girls always have fun once we’re there. Getting ready for the visit is sort of challenge, but once we’re there…it’s worth the trouble.

Evangeline is no longer afraid of the water or the sand. It was super fun when she refused to let the sand touch her skin. Anyway…she’s past that now, and has turned into quite the little beach baby. She screams when I take her out of the water to reapply sunscreen, and leaving the beach is always a sad affair, with lots of crying and waving “bye-bye” to the ocean.

Sand toys aren’t as popular as I had thought they would be…yet. Right now she’s more interested in throwing the toys into the water, and then running headlong into the waves to retrieve them.

In the end, we’re just grateful she has such a beautiful place to call home. As much as I love my hometown in the Midwest, there were never any beaches in my childhood as beautiful as this one. It really is paradise.

Open Mic Posted For Papa

Lenore played to a full house last week. The crowd was very supportive. She played a pretty long set which included some Rolling Stones, Beatles, and 2 Lenore originals. She is getting better with every performance and she is working on writing more of her own songs. We’re very proud of her. Hope you like it.