Blackbird! We’re Getting There

Two weeks ago, the spring assignments came out for Lenore’s Performance Art class. She takes a weekly class offered through her charter school. It’s singing, dancing, and lots of music. Since Lenore is one of the only kids in the younger class who plays guitar, she was assigned a couple of guitar solos for the upcoming Spring Show in May. Blackbird by The Beatles is one of them.

My kiddo has never played a Beatles song until now, but she jumped right in. This past December, she had to play a Guns ‘N Roses song, and that’s a little more in her comfort zone. But the Beatles are new to her.

So here is a little preview with 2 weeks of practice. She needs to learn the rest of the song, add the lyrics, get faster…lots of work to be done between now and May. But it’s a damn good start. Yay Lenore! Daddy and I are very proud of you.


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