For The Love of Hobbes

Hobbes the Tiger, made from an "Instructables" pattern.
Hobbes the Tiger, made from an “Instructables” pattern.

This past Christmas was Evangeline’s first. We didn’t go big with the presents this year. Some years we do, others…not so much. This year was one of the latter. We’re not one of those families who denounces lots of Christmas presents under the tree as “consumer-commercialism”. We get the meaning of Christmas, thank-you-very-much. But we like stuff too. Nothing wrong with that, and those who get on their soapbox about how they don’t NEED many presents under the tree , and those who go all out with the cheer are really just compensating because the true meaning of Christmas is lost on them make me lose it. Life is short and hard enough without the sanctimonious pricks coming out of the woodwork around the holidays.

So although we didn’t go big this time around, I wanted Evangeline to have something special from me anyway. It’s tough to compete with the sheer wonder that is– piles of wrapping paper on the floor, but I did my best.  I found a sewing pattern to make a stuffed Hobbes tiger. 

She LOVES this guy!
She LOVES this guy!

How cute is this!? I’ve never met him, but I think I have an internet crush on the guy who put it together. He is informative. It must have taken him forever to draft this, and then he just gives it away freely for all to use. There are so many time I have found a wonderful pattern on Etsy only to read the ridiculous copyright that states you can only use the pattern for gifts or personal use. Normally that is my intention anyway, but screw that! I don’t buy from people who take it upon themselves to tell me what I can or cannot do with a pattern I legally purchased. I can understand not wanting people to copy a pattern and sell it themselves…but restrictions on the finished product? No thanks.

"MY turn!'
“MY turn!’

So yeah…who does all this work drafting an incredible pattern and then gives it away for free? Awesome people, that’s who.


As you can see from the photos, Evangeline loves her new Hobbes Tiger. It took too many hours to sew those strips, as you have to do it by hand…but totally worth the time. The only recommendation I would make is to use something other than fleece. The fleece, even the anti-pill stuff, is not going to stand the test of time. I have already begun another tiger for a dear friend, and I found a lovely corduroy. It is much more durable.

Thanks mom!
Thanks mom!

I plan to write on that guy’s Instructable page to thank him. There are lots of others like myself who used this pattern and left a kind note. He made so many people happy. Our Evangeline is just one more satisfied customer. Thanks guy!

Good times.
Good times.

We may not have gone big with the Christmas gifts this year, but you can’t tell by looking at this kid’s face.

That's one happy kid!
That’s one happy kid!

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