Sunrise Shells Are Hard Work

Because we live in Hawaii, my girls have been exposed to Sunrise Shells. In the event that I do in fact have a reader out there, and I’m not just talking to myself here’s a link to an article which explains what they are.

Lenore has always been fascinated with shells, so it was no surprise she wanted a Sunrise Shell once she discovered them. I don’t blame her. They are quite lovely, but expensive. Damned expensive!

I want one too, but I don’t have the means to buy a shell. Lenore does, though. She used her own money.

Hard work pays off. Lenore’s Sunrise Shell.

Lenore works hard. She does Extra and Stand-In work for various movies and television shows out here in the island. It’s not an easy job. She has dabbled in print-ads and once had a small part on network television. She’s built a reputation among those who count on set as being a reliable kid who works hard, and demonstrates an amazing amount of professionalism. We’re very proud of her.

Every time she does a job, she is allowed to spend a portion of her earnings on whatever she likes. Sometimes she buys presents for her siblings, and other times she treats herself. This shell was a treat to herself. It has a flaw on the front, but she loves it anyway. I think it will make a lovely necklace, and I doubt she’ll take it off once complete.

It’s important to let kids work for an allowance or paycheck within moderation. Lenore certainly knows the value of hard work, and will appreciate this necklace all the more because she earned it. I should point out there was no way I was going to buy it for her, so yeah…this is how it had to happen.

Good job my beautiful girl! Dad and I are proud of you.


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