The girls saw some blow hole and fin action.
The girls saw some blow-hole and fin action.

Since it’s winter, ’tis the season for whale-watching. We are on Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail often, but January through March is especially exciting for the kids.  It’s whale season!

Now honestly we didn’t see much this time around. I think there were about 2 or three males strutting their stuff, but they didn’t jump or get their tail out of the water. There was lots of fin slapping and blow-hole mist though.

That’s enough for my girls.

Not a bad view.
Not a bad view.

The trail length isn’t too bad either. It’s only 2 miles round trip. Raven and Lenore made the walk with ease, but I was lugging Evangeline up in a heavy stroller, and about 10 lbs. of snacks and water. Before we go to the top, the girls had to carry their own water. Sorry girls!

Raven, handled the hike like a champ.
Raven, handled the hike like a champ.

I was most impressed with my oldest daughter Raven. This hike was hard on her, but she pushed through. She had spinal fusion surgery this past Spring, and her little body is taking time to rebuild and get stronger. But she did it without complaint. That’s my girl.

Lenore likes to run to the top at full speed.
Lenore likes to run to the top at full speed.

Lenore made it to the top at record speed. I wish I could report that she did so without any reprimand, but she managed to get herself grounded off anything tech related the rest of the day. Lenore is constantly pushing her boundaries, and this day was no different. She got dangerously close to the edge of the cliff in an attempt to get a better view of blow-hole mist. That didn’t go over too well with me.

Damn kid almost gave me a heart attack. I love her, but she ages me. (She’s also my girl.)

I never really thought about it until this trip, but this hike is a pretty decent metaphor for how my two oldest girls approach life. Raven is slow and steady. She’s cautious and has to work twice as hard as anyone else to reach her goals, but she does it. She is strong. Raven is a rock. On the other side of the spectrum we have Lenore. This kid jumps in with both feet. Everything has to be fast-paced for Lenore. Be it soccer, surfing, guitar, friends…she doesn’t hesitate. That attitude has it’s merits, but there is a wild side to her that needs to be kept in check at times. Lenore is the wind.

So the trip was as predictable with the kids as I would have guessed. Raven worked hard, Lenore was hard work, and Evangeline didn’t give a hoot about any of it. These girls keep me on my toes.

Great times. We’ll be back there soon.


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