Mason Jars And Stabby-Straws

Reading at the coffee shop.
Reading at the coffee shop.

I took Evangeline to a local coffee shop the other day. I thought it would be fun to try out a few of the many functions on the new camera in a “cool hipster’ setting. Coffee shops aren’t usually my thing. The only time I’m in one is when Lenore performs for Open Mic Night. Even then, I usually just order the same boring hot green tea. I never know what to order, and there are always so many options on those cute little hand-written chalkboard menus. It just gets confusing.

Ransom shot of my baby because I like  it.
Evangeline in a ‘stare contest’ with a helper dog. The dog won.

This time was no different. Usually when I go to one of these places, I have some cash on hand. This time around I had my Debit card. So I place my order for a small Chai…thing. The guy behind the register tells me that he’s very sorry, but they don’t let people use Debits unless the order is over $5.

Me: No problem…just make it a larger Chai thing. 

Register Guy: Sorry..that still comes up short. Do you want me to add some extra spice, and cream?

Me: Wow these drinks are really reasonable. (laugh). Dude. Whatever you have to do. Just light it up like Christmas. (I really wanted to get out of the ever-growing line).

Register Guy: No problem. I’ll make it happen. That will be $5.75. (This guy was awesome.)

While we waited for Register Guy to make my special drink, Evangeline found a cute baby to play.
While we waited for Register Guy to make my “Debit Card Worthy” drink, Evangeline found a cute baby to play.

When my order came up, the guy handed me this gigantic MASON JAR filled to the top. I’m not kidding, this drink was served in something my grandma uses when she cans tomato’s for the winter.  It tasted great, but I wasn’t keen to manage Evangeline, the camera, her baby bag, and a huge canning jar full of whatever.

Not content with her toys, she gravitated toward my straw.
She loved this straw, but she got “stabby” with it, so I had to take it away.

I did get some cute shots, but I didn’t even get close to playing with the different camera settings. Evangeline is a typical busy baby, and it was all I could do to keep her quite and on the chair.  There was a nice group of college kids on holiday in the shop and they decided to help me hold her attention while I clicked out some pictures. Nice kids…great sense of humor. Thanks kids!

MOM!! You took my straw! Lots of luck with the photos now.
MOM!! You took my straw! Lots of luck with the photos now.

By the time all was done, I had some fun shots of the adventure and talked to some nice people. I couldn’t finish my drink, but who could?  Next time I’ll be more prepared, but I consider this a win. Below are some of the pictures I managed to take with the help of the other patrons in the shop. Again, thank you college kids! I was so grateful for your help, and your parents should be proud.


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