OMG She’s Gifted!

Yesterday we took Evangeline to the beach for some fun and photos. Past visits didn’t go too well because the kid hated the sand. We have four children, and this is the first time any of our babies have ever had a resistance to sand. Is it a texture thing? Ooooh- maybe she’s gifted! HA! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Evangeline at the beach, Jan 1, 2014
Our Gifted and Talented Evangeline at the beach, Jan 1, 2014

But while it’s fresh in my mind, what is it with parents who claim their child is “gifted” these days? I don’t think the GT label was tossed around nearly as much 15 years ago when my son was a baby. When my son was in Jr. High, his school offered a GT program. The kids had to take a test to get in, and I think the courses were slightly more challenging than the general curriculum. My son got in not because he is “gifted”, but because he works his ass off and studies every day. He does the homework and doesn’t procrastinate.

Walking with Daddy! She must be GT!
Walking with Daddy! She must be GT!

I remember there was one parent who was super obnoxious with the GT labeling. Her son was also in the program, and wow did she like to work it into every conversation to anyone with ears. Actually, I just think she like the words “Gifted and Talented”. We constantly heard, “Because XXXX is in the Gifted and Talented program….“, or “XXXX had so much homework in his Gifted and Talented classes today.”  Gah! That got old.

The school must have picked up on the growing number of obnoxious parents because they changed the name of the program to the “Honors Program”…..not that the name change stopped those parents. We drifted away from that scene. My son continued to excel in the program, (hard work pays off), but I had to break away from that mom.

Gifted babies eat sand, right?
Gifted babies eat sand, right?

As far as we can tell, our little Evangeline is a happy healthy baby with normal development. For me that’s perfection. That should be enough for any parent. If there is any indication in the future that she may have extraordinary “super baby” skills…..well that would be fine too. In my day-to-day experience I seem to come across an increasing number of parents (usually moms) who like to work the “my kid is a gifted snowflake” angle into every conversation. That may be true in some cases, but come on! These days everyone has a talented genius.


Rather than have this conversation every time I encounter one of these parents, I chose to come here and snark about it on my blog. My viewership is so low, no one cares what I write. HA! So dear reader (singular), whoever you are, please enjoy a little photo gallery of a very happy, healthy and (in my oh-so-humble opinion) beautiful 10 month girl.  We cherish every minute with her.


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