2014 Brings Clear Pictures…And Other Stuff.

For us, 2013 was a mixture of terrible and wonderful. It was extreme on either end. From major surgeries for my oldest daughter Raven to the birth of Evangeline, 2013 was never dull.

I’ll get into the meat of some of those adventures in other posts. Today I want to talk about my shiny new Christmas present from my husband. He surprised me with a new camera! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. The kids were in on it all along and hinted that I was getting a necklace. I don’t have anything against necklaces, but it was never one of my top 10 choices. Well, I did get a necklace this year. Once the camera is on the strap it becomes a necklace. Sneaky kids! Sneaky, wonderful kids!

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a SONY Alpha 3000. It’s way more sophisticated than anything I have ever owned, and I’m still learning how to use it.  Truthfully I’m just grateful I now have a camera that: a) Takes clear crisp photos the first time. b) Captures  action shots, so I don’t have to ask my friends to get a picture of my kid’s soccer goal with their camera. c) Doesn’t shut off every time I try to take a picture of something purple.

Evangeline was a good sport through most of the photos yesterday. Got some cute shots, and I didn’t have to take 5 pictures for every one keeper. That is such a luxury for me.

So going forward, expect more decent pictures of the family with my daily rambling pearls of wisdom. I most likely won’t be in the shots because I have a face only a mother (and thankfully a husband) could love. But I do have a beautiful family.

Not sure what 2014 will have in store for us, but at least we’ll have decent photos.

Internal monologue, "Hmmm, I wonder what this year will bring? To be continued"
Internal monologue, “Hmmm, I wonder what this year will bring? To be continued”.

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