Introducing, My Second Youngest

Lenore, age 9
Lenore, age 9

I do have more than one child. The blog is named appropriately. Since I started with Evangeline, I’ll just work my way up the sibling chain. Our next oldest child is our lovely daughter Lenore. She just turned 9 last month, and is an interesting mix of girlie-girl and tomboy. Well, I find it interesting anyway.

Oh sure, she loves animals, Littlest Pet Shop, American Girl dolls, surfing, manatees, and soccer. That stuff is all pretty common girl stuff. In addition to the girl stuff, she loves dirt bikes and playing D&D with her teenage brother. Her passion, however is music.

A few years ago when Lenore turned 5, we threw a “Rock Star” themed party. It had all the bells and whistles…pink guitar party favors, backstage pass invitations, guitar cake. Lenore was decked out with purple hair, and carried a blow up guitar around all day.

This was taken before her 5 yr. old birthday party.
This was taken before her 5 yr. old birthday party.

After the party, she still carried the guitar. My husband and I started to wonder what would happen if we actually bought this kid an instrument? Little girls who like to belt out their favorite Katy Perry song and post on YouTube are a dime a dozen. But how many little girls like to really play with an actual electric guitar? Although we don’t know any, I’ll wager there are quite a few little girls who fit this mold and Lenore wanted to be one of them.

We found this amazing child on….you guessed it…YouTube. She was six and we were blown away with her mad guitar skills. Lenore was inspired. So by the time she turned 6, (she asked for a guitar for a full year) we bought a second hand Washburn and Estaban amp. The entire set up cost only $80. Honestly, we thought she would lose interest when her fingers got sore.

But that never happened.

Surprisingly, she gutted it out and stuck with it for a full year. We didn’t have a teacher, so she just learned what she could with online lessons. After a year, we upgraded to a Fender Squire Mini. She’ll get a full scale when she turns 13.

Now her passion is playing. She opens for a couple of local bands, and practices every day. A few weeks ago, she brought the house down when she played with the teenagers in her schools Christmas performance. She’s not a special snowflake, and she’s no prodigy. Everything she knows came with hard work, and plenty of blisters. And there is always room for improvement.

I included a small clip of her playing below. This was filmed a few months ago, and she has greatly improved since then. But it’s a taste of what she or any kid can do when they are determined. We’re quite proud.


She plays acoustic too.
She plays acoustic too.

Not all of my posts here are going to be this gushy-braggy. I promise. But when one of my kids does something kind of cool like teach herself to play guitar, I’m going go yell it from the rooftops with unabashed pride. I think we parents are allowed to do that once in a while, no?


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