Month: October 2012

This Child Is A Night Owl.

I am at that stage in the pregnancy where I feel kicks and turns. I love it, and truly cherish every movement. I just wish I didn’t have to cherish so much of them at night. It’s like as soon as I turn in for the night, the baby knows, and then it’s party time. Research has told me that I am not supposed to get up and walk around, because then the baby becomes more active. I’m supposed to lay down, and eventually the baby will quiet down too?

Yeah….That is just not happening here.

Nope. This little one kept me awake in bed until 2:00 a.m. last night, and this trend is growing as fast as my gut. I wonder if this is a preview of what’s to come once “she’s” born? Guess we’ll see.

Now I’m off for a nap.


Headaches And Kicks In The Gut

I have never experienced headaches in the other pregnancies. This is new for me. It feels like caffeine withdrawal, but I stopped cold turkey 5 months ago. Crazy.

On the flip side, this child is way more active at this month than all of “her” siblings. That’s pretty cool. Actually, it’s VERY cool. Jon can feel a little foot kicking back against his hand-HARD! Sometimes it feels as though she is trying to kick her way out immediately. We’re in the 19th month right now, and I’m a little afraid of what will take place in the following months. 🙂

Going to be an awesome ride.

In The Beginning

Our little one, waving for the camera.

Well there’s always a beginning, isn’t there?

Here’s our newest beginning! I’m pleased to introduce Baby Number Four, or as we affectionately refer to “her” as “Our Little Curve Ball” .  At this point, I’m nineteen weeks along, and we’re not entirely sure of the sex. For he past 2 appointments, our doctor has leaned heavily toward GIRL. She even took the time to type it on the last picture, so that I’m going with it until proven otherwise.

My hopes for this blog is to chronicle the pregnancy and first year of life of this little one. As the children have come, the effort to keep a Baby Book have dwindled. The first child, my son, has a book brimming with photos, journal entries, locks of hair….you name it-it’s probably in there. My first daughter came 18 months after her brother, and although I was late on some milestone entries, I managed to go back in fill in the blanks over the years.

Our youngest child (another daughter) really got the short end of the stick. We don’t have anything for her. There are lots of photos, mind you, but no book, journal, or folder. I feel pretty bad about that, and she’s going to be 8 next month so I really have no decent excuse. She keeps a blog  here, and she updates it often. Still, its’ no Baby Book.

I’m realistic enough to recognize that I will most likely not have the time to keep a traditional book for this little one. Four kids, we home school, and all of the activities that go along with kids will make it impossible for me. I’m just not that good. So as an alternative, I hope to keep this baby blog up until the first birthday. Our hopes is that we can print it out after a year, and we’ll have a not-so-traditional Baby Book, but it’s better than nothing.

So let the games begin.